In today’s economic environment, financial planning can seem like wandering through a wilderness. Even when you have clear goals and a good sense of direction, the forest of obstacles in your path—confusing investment options, market volatility, and unexpected financial emergencies—can easily throw you off course.

O'Gwin Planning helps you set and stick to a true course. Our structured, systematic approach cuts through the underbrush of complex decision-making and opens a straight path toward pursuing your financial goals. We focus on diversification and flexibility to help you sidestep obstacles that arise, and offer a broad range of products which strive to build bridges across periods of market fluctuation. 

So whether your objectives include a confident retirement, paying for higher education, buying a home, caring for aging parents--or all of the above—you have a clear path to help you get there.

Who We Help

Many people initially reach out to us because they are facing a significant milestone and want peace of mind that a financial team is working together to help them navigate the transition and beyond. While we have clients from a variety of backgrounds, we specialize in working with high-achieving professionals, people getting ready to retire, and federal government employees in Maryland, northern Virginia, Washington DC, and remotely across the country.

Raising a Family

I’m starting or have a family that I would like to protect and help fund their goals like education

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Mid-career Professionals

I’m a successful professional looking
to balance my career and personal life to pursue my goals.

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I’m getting ready to retire and want to know how to go from the asset accumulation phase to the distribution phase

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Let’s discuss how we can help you navigate change and bring clarity to your financial direction. We offer a complimentary introductory call to discuss your goals and concerns and how we may be able to help.